The History of the Sewaren Free Public Library!

Photo Courtesy of: Estelle Fales
In August of 1913, Mrs. Balfour, from the Sewaren Civic Association proposed an effort be made to Form a Free Public Library in Sewaren. Using the office of the Sewaren improvement company they had tea and card parties which raised funds which were used to start a children's library and a church within Sewaren.

By October 16th they had committees formed, and began to request magazines and books for the library. The Library was officially opened December 1913 with approximately 417 volumes.

Fast forward to 1994, the Sewaren Library was one of a number of small branch libraries of the Woodbridge Township public Library system. When the Woodbridge Township library system cut funding, some of the smaller branches were closed. The Sewaren branch was one of them. Concern grew among the local citizens, especially when the children were left without resources the library had once provided.

At this time, several citizens, who had once formed and continued supporting a small organization that supported the Sewaren library got together and decided to re-open the library independent of the Woodbridge Township public library system. With their spare time and much effort, the library now runs under the direction of an all-volunteer Board of Trustees.

Once a Church belonging to the Christian Science Organization, the building now provides services to people of all ages. From pre-school programs to senior citizen bingo, internet access to free home media services, the Sewaren Free Public Library has a lot to offer.